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Permission for authors to submit elsewhere

Q. Here's a question about ICOTS-6 papers. I'd like to let colleagues know what I'm up to or likely to be working on. The paper I just wrote and submitted to the session chairs is just the thing -- but the proceedings will not, of course, be out for ages. Now I warrant on my sheet that this work is not published elsewhere.
But can I put it on my own website as a "paper submitted to ICOTS?" I would, of course, link to the conference site as well. Would that be OK?

Brian Phillips, ICOTS-6 Editor ( responds:

Yours is a reasonable request. We would expect you to say:
"This article was written for, and will be published in, the ICOTS-6 Proceedings and is reprinted here with the permission of the IASE"
Our regulations state that the IASE is normally happy to give permission for authors to submit their papers (or a more comprehensive version) to other journals. If this occurs the author must seek approval of the editor of the ICOTS-6 Proceedings and the IASE President, and the paper is to have an acknowledgment saying "This article was written for, and published in, the ICOTS-6 Proceedings and is reprinted (in revised form, if relevant) here with the permission of the IASE."

2. Malaria
Q. We're not sure about the anti-malaria drug. Do we need it if July is low risk - or is bug spray enough?

The Conference Physician - Dr David Dungan ( responds:

Although it is very rare of Malaria to occur in July in the Kruger National Park, I strongly advise you to bring your bug spray but to also take the recommended prophylaxis. The reason that the incidence of malaria is so low is that the activity of the mosquitoes is very much less in the cooler weather. This unfortunately does not mean that there are none around. The best form of prevention is therefore not to be bitten, thus the bug spray. There are various form of prophylaxis available and can be supplied on your arrival. It is important that you are given the most suitable form that you will tolerate well. I will be supplying the various forms of the medication at a cost of $10.00. These need to be prescribed to each person as different medication is needed by different people. If you have any queries please contact me at

3. Speakers audiovisual requirements
Q. Where and when do I submit my requests for audiovisual equipment?
A. Please send your speaker audiovisual requirement form to Lynn Selby ( before 06 June 2002 . All queries relating to the technical aspect of your presentation can be directed to Lynn who will answer you and assist you.
4. Paper in the proceedings without attendance
Q. I can not attend. Can I withdraw my paper?

The Proceedings have been finalized and papers cannot be withdrawn. The cost for putting a paper in the proceedings, but not attending, is US$160 for IASE members or US$195 for non members. Hence any authors who have to withdraw and whose paper is in the proceedings, will be charged these amounts.

5. Time Table
Q. Has the timetable been made public yet to all speakers?
A. Minor changes/additions are still occurring in the ICOTS-6 time table, but we are happy to make it public as a draft, it is found at:

Visit our new Timetable section to get frequent updates, by clicking on "Timetable" at the top navigation frame

6. Power Point Presentations
Q. Will we be able to do Power Point presentations?

Yes. Power Point 2000 is available on all computers. The local organizers request to test in advance the presentations for compatibility. Presentations can be submitted on a floppy disk or on a CD ROM. See also presentation suggestions for authors.

7. Presenting Website Materials

What about website materials on a CD? Will there be projection for this?


Website materials can be presented using Internet Explorer or Netscape. However, please do not count on direct Web access, put everything on a CD, even Netscape.

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