IASE Support to Participants from Developing Countries

1. Announcement of the IASE President (November 25, 2001)
2. Rules
3. Application Form

1. Announcement of the IASE Executive (Amendment made in November 2001)

Dear friends

As you know, the IASE is supporting some participants from developing countries to attend ICOTS by paying their registration fees. This support was announced some weeks ago (see "Rules" below).

You also know that applicants must be an IASE member and come from developing or transitional country, as defined by ISI; have not received funds from the ISI Development Fund for ICOTS-6; and be a Topic Convenor, Session Organiser, Paper or Poster Presenter at ICOTS-6.

The ISI has now restarted its ISI development program (information is provided on http://www.cbs.nl/isi/devfundtxt.htm) and also it has redefined the list of developing countries.

Developing nations are defined as countries with a GDP per capita of US$ 4000 per year, as specified in the World Statistics Pocketbook of the United Nations, edition 2000.

The rules to apply to ISI Development Fund say:
- applicants must be under forty years of age;
- candidates from developing countries who did their work in developed country are excluded from support from the ISI Development Fund.

I would like to draw your attention to this new list, since the following countries, which were not in the previous list now appear as eligible both for the ISI Development Fund and for the IASE support to attend ICOTS-6.

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Democratic Republic of Congo, East Timor, Eritrea, Estonia, Georgia, Kygrysyan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Ubezkistan.

On the other hand some countries that were previously included in the developing countries list do not appear in the new list. I would like to inform you that the IASE has decided to extend the support to attend ICOTS-6 to these countries, in case we have funds available after we attend the request from members.

These countries are:

Antigua& Barbuda, Argentina, Bahrain, Barbados, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Croatia, Korea (Republic of), Lbyan Arab Janahiriya, New Caledonia, St.Kitts and nevis, St. Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Tanzania, Uruguay, Vanuatu, and Zaire.

Please remember that the deadline to apply for these funds is 1 January 2002.

I would be very glad to provide you with complementary information or to answer any question you might have.

Carmen Batanero
IASE President
Didctica de la Matematica
Facultad de C.C. Educacin
Campus de Cartuja

2. Rules

a) The IASE will pay the registration fees of a limited number of participants from developing or transitional countries who are involved in the conference.

b) To qualify for free registration, an applicant must:

c) The deadline to apply for these funds is 1 January 2002.

(Participants registering by 15 January 2002 pay reduced fees. With the 1 January 2002 deadline someone who applies for IASE funds, but is unsuccessful, can still qualify for reduced fees).

If, on January 1 2002, we have not exhausted the available funding, we will extend the deadline.

d) Priority will be given to: (a) Organisers of Sessions and presenters of Invited Papers; (b) presenters of Contributed Papers, (c) presenters of Posters (d) those participating in another capacity, e.g., as a panel member. Young applicants will be given special preference.

e) Those interested in applying for free registration should fill out the questionnaire below and either send it by email or fax to Carmen Batanero (batanero@ugr.es; fax: 34 958246359.), or mail it to:

Dr. Carmen Batanero
Didctica de la Matemtica
Facultad de C.C. Educacin
Campus de Cartuja
18071 Granada

3. Application Form

Given Name:

Surname (family name):

Institution (University, association, etc.):




Will this be your first ICOTS conference?

Did you apply to the ISI Development Fund for ICOTS-6?

Type of participation: (Organiser, Invited paper, Contributed paper, poster, other):

Number and title of the Session in which you plan to participate:

Contact (preferably E-mail or fax):

Title and summary of your paper (if applicable):


Return to:
Carmen Batanero (batanero@ugr.es; fax: 34 958246359.)

Or mail it to:

Dr. Carmen Batanero
Didctica de la Matemtica
Facultad de C.C. Educacin
Campus de Cartuja
18071 Granada

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