The ICOTS-6 International Program Committee and Local Organizing Committee

International Program Committee (IPC)
Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

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International Program Committee IPC Website:
Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani (Italy) IPC Chair
Brian Phillips (Australia) International Organizer
Dani Ben-Zvi (Israel) IPC Scientific Secretary

Committee Members (Topic Convenors)

Brian Phillips (Australia) Topic 1. Statistics Literacy
Iddo Gal (Israel)
Jane M. Watson (Australia) Topic 2. Statistics Education at the School Level
Gilberte Schuyten (Belgium) Topic 3. Statistics Education at the Post Secondary Level
Allan J. Rossman (USA)
Carol Joyce Blumberg (USA) Topic 4. Statistics Education/Training and the Workplace
Rene H.M. Smulders (The Netherlands)
Helen MacGillivray (Australia) Topic 5. Statistics Education and the Wider Society
Carmen Batanero (Spain) Topic 6. Research in Statistics Education
Joan Garfield (USA)
Lawrence Weldon (Canada) Topic 7. Technology in Statistics Education
Philip J. Boland (Ireland) Topic 8. Other Determinants and Developments in Statistics Education
Vitalis Muba (Tanzania) Topic 9. An International Perspective on Statistics Education
Susan Starkings (UK) Topic 10. Contributed Papers
Andrew I. Dale (South Africa) Topic 11. Posters
Linda Haines (South Africa) IPC Representative on the LOC

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Local Organizing Committee (LOC) LOC Website:


Delia North (South Africa) Chair of the LOC
Jacky S. Galpin (South Africa) Vice-Chairman, Hon Treasurer and Sponsorship Co-ordinator
Linda Haines (South Africa) LOC Representative on the IPC
Sue Bumpsteed (South Africa) Event Manager

Committee Members

Gwen Williams (South Africa) sponsorship
Riaan de Jongh (South Africa) sponsorship
Iain McDonald (South Africa) sponsorship
Andrew I. Dale (South Africa) Poster session
Vishnu Naidoo (South Africa) Local teachers session (AMESA)
Jackie Scheiber (South Africa) local teachers (AMESA)
Mbulaheni Nthangeni (South Africa) local teachers

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