ICOTS-6 Publications

Due to lack of demand, there will not be a hard copy version of the ICOTS-6 Proceedings. Our plan now is to provide participants with the following:

Full registrants will receive:
1. CD with all papers and other information related to ICOTS-6
2. Program booklet, including timetable and participants' e-mails
3. Abstracts booklet for all papers
4. Poster abstracts booklet

In place of the CD, South African teachers will receive:
Special hard copy Proceedings of selected papers for South African teachers.
Note: If others would like to buy it for 25 USD, please inform the LOC, delegates@sbconferences.co.za by June 6, 2002. Click here for Contents of the teaches' book.

The special booklet for South African teachers will consist of the plenary talks, Topics 1, plus a selected other papers as selected by the LOC as most relevant for SA teachers.

Those who have already paid for the hard copy could be refunded at the conference or have other fees adjusted. Arrange this with the LOC.

Note: It would be appreciated if authors can take a few spare copies of their paper to distribute to those who really need it.

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