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Presentation 8D1. Learning Statistics and Survey Methodology in A Corporate University Setting

Tyra Dent Smith (USA)
Sandra T. Duckett (USA)


Presentation Abstract
In 1998, the United States Census Bureau established the Census Corporate University to provide lifelong learning opportunities to its employees. While several programs comprise the Census Corporate University curriculum, one program in particular, the Joint Program in Survey Methodology, establishes a framework under which the Census Bureau's mathematical statisticians may obtain advanced degrees and/or certificates in this subject matter area. The program is a combined effort of two leading state universities and two research organizations. Classes are held both at the Census Bureau (in an electronic classroom) and on the campuses of the academic institutions involved.

Basic courses in statistics and mathematics are also provided in the corporate university's core curriculum for those employees who either seek general knowledge in this subject matter area or who pursue attaining the minimum educational requirements needed to qualify for conversion to the mathematical statistician or survey statistician job series.

Like most technical fields, for several decades, males have comprised the majority of the mathematical statistician and survey statistician positions at the U.S. Census Bureau. The average person who holds such position, at the time of his initial hire, had already met the educational requirements for these respective job series.

Therefore, since females comprise the majority of the non-statistical positions at the Census Bureau (e.g., administrative support, training and professional development, etc.), providing employer-funded educational opportunities in statistics and mathematics, which may subsequently lead to career changes and advancement, supports the Census Bureau's effort to have a diverse workforce at all levels and positions.

This research paper evaluates the participation level of women in both the Joint Program in Survey Methodology and other statistics programs sponsored by the Census Bureau; their attitudes about statistics and mathematics (both before and after their educational experiences); their performance, as students; and the degree to which their educational attainment has resulted in conversion to statistics-related positions - all as compared to their male counterparts.


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