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Presentation 8D3. The State of Gender Statistics in Russia Today

Olga Vershinskaya (Russia)


Presentation Abstract

1. Evolution of gender studies in Russia.

1st stage (end of 1980 - 1992) - unification of gender oriented scholars.
2nd stage (1993 - 1995) - institualization of gender studies, appearance of gender research in Russian universities.
3rd stage (1996 - 1999) - consolidation of gender researchers, lots of gender-oriented seminars and conferences all over the country.
4th stage (2000 - present time) - the period of maturity: regular training courses, teaching books published, sites in the Internet, participation in international network etc.

2. Gender statistics development: pre-Beijing conference and after Beijing conference periods. Basic statistically observed indicators today: general number of men and women, age structure, life expectancy, migration flows, level of education, sickness rates, employment, income, presence of men and women in executive and legislative bodies, international comparison indicators.

3. Teaching statistics in the leading Russian universities. Mathematical statistics courses, statistics as part of gender courses.


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