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Session 8D. Gender and Cultural Factors in Statistics Education

Session Organizer(s)

Rosa Giaimo (Italy)

Session Abstract

The role which statistics can play in assisting policy makers in politics and the field of human rights has recently been emphasized. This has implied a growing sensitivity towards sociocultural and gender problems and ways of tackling them. It is important to consider which data to collect, present and disseminate in such a way so as to make it useful and comparable on a world level.

Data may be easily understood by citizens who could understand the most important facts about their country. A new perspective has, therefore, been opened up which encourages us to reflect on the method and objective of teaching statistics.


Presentation 8D1 Learning Statistics and Survey Methodology in A Corporate University Setting Tyra Dent Smith (USA)
Sandra T. Duckett (USA)
Presentation 8D2 Gender and Cultural Factors in Statistical Education Malati Pochun (Mauritian)
Presentation 8D3 The State of Gender Statistics in Russia Today
Olga Vershinskaya (Russia)

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