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The major aim of ICOTS is to provide the opportunity for people from around the world who are involved in statistics education to exchange ideas and experiences, to discuss the latest development in teaching statistics and to expand their network of statistical educators. The conference will include plenary sessions with keynote speakers, invited speakers, contributed papers, workshops and forums, demonstration lessons, roundtable sessions, poster sessions, book and software displays, hands-on computer sessions and many opportunities for the communication and exchange of experiences and ideas. As the conference theme for ICOTS-6 is "Developing a statistically literate society", special sessions on statistics literacy are planned. These will include keynote speakers on statistics literacy and sessions and discussions of the role of statistics in a number of everyday contexts.

Topic List

  Plenary Sessions  
Topic 1 Statistics Literacy Brian Phillips (Australia)
Iddo Gal (Israel)
Topic 2 Statistics Education at the School Level Jane Watson (Australia)
Topic 3 Statistics Education at the Post Secondary Level Gilberte Schuyten (Belgium)
Allan J. Rossman (USA)
Topic 4 Statistics Education/Training and the Workplace Carol Joyce Blumberg (USA)
Rene H.M. Smulders (The Netherlands)
Topic 5 Statistics Education and the Wider Society Helen MacGillivray (Australia)
Topic 6 Research in Statistics Education Carmen Batanero (Spain)
Joan Garfield (USA)
Topic 7 Technology in Statistics Education Lawrence Weldon (Canada)
Topic 8 Other Determinants and Developments in Statistics Education Philip J. Boland (Ireland)
Topic 9 An International Perspective on Statistics Education Vitalis Muba (Tanzania)
Topic 10 Contributed Papers Susan Starkings (UK)
Topic 11 Posters Andrew I. Dale (South Africa)

ICOTS-6 papers received by Editor at May 20, 2002 (Excel file)
Note: This list includes all papers received, which will appear in the proceedings. Only the one author is listed.

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