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Demonstration 1. The Use of Scientific Workplace Exambuilder to Generate Problems and Solutions for a Statistics Level I Course at a Technikon

Poobalan Naidoo (South Africa)


Demonstration Abstract
The emphasis in the demonstration will be on the setting up of a database and the generation of a statistics examination paper at the first year level. This demonstration is also applicable to other aspects such as quizzes, tests, tutorials, and problem sets, drills or homework assignments in statistics. Furthermore, it will be shown how students of statistics can be exposed to variations of the problem, every time they generate the Exambuilder file. Academics would find the use of this software program a time saving device since it is rather time consuming to set and solve statistics problems in the conventional way.
Problems may be of a quantitative or a qualitative type. Questions asked could be multiple-choice type, true/false type or those requiring detailed solutions.
Once a database is set up the following is made possible:
a. An examination paper as well as its solution can be obtained in less than a minute.
b. Different sets of examination papers with its solutions can be generated.
c. There is improved speed and consistency in the marking of scripts.
d. Students can be tested and graded immediately on-line.

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