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Plenary Session 6. (Closing Address) 1982-2002 From the Past to the Future

Keynote Speaker

Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani (Italy)

Plenary Session Abstract

This presentation intends to enlighten the development of "Teaching statistics" in the last 20 years as it is showed by the six ICOTS Conferences held in those years. The study of the past should help to foresee the future developments of the Conference and its object: the Teaching of statistics.


Keynote Speaker Biography

Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani

Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani is a Professor of Statistics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", in the Faculty of Statistical Sciences, funded in 1936 by Prof. Corrado Gini. She has been active in the international statistical community over the past six years, serving as President-elect of the IASE from 1995 to 97, as IASE President from 1997 to 1999 and as Chair of ICOTS 6 International Program Committee. In her capacity as IASE President she has spoken at the "Joint IASS/IAOS Conference" held in Aguascalientes (Mexico) in September 1998, in the "IV Congreso latinoamericano de Sociedades de Estadistica", held in Mendoza (Argentina) in July 1999. She was member of the Organising Committee of the "Conferencia International: Experiencias y Perspectivas de la Enseñanza de la Estadistica. Desafíos para el siglo XXI",  Florianopolis (Brazil), in September 1999, where she was an invited speaker.  She is also active in statistics organizations and committees in Italy. She has been involved with several teacher training projects. She actively worked in the "Italian Children Census Project" in 2001 and had a role in the development of the new curriculum of mathematics in the Italian schools, particularly in the statistics topics.

Her research has focused on the study of the contents of statistics in the Italian book of mathematics, the critical studies of the curriculum of statistics in higher Italian schools, the use of computer in teaching statistics at school, the utilization of the multilevel models and of the implicative analysis to evaluate the results of different educational strategies in teaching statistics. She has published articles in the Italian review INDUZIONI.

Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani
Professor of Statistics
Dip.di Statistica, Probabilita' e Statistiche ApplicateUniversita' di Roma "La Sapienza"
P.le A. Moro
5 - 00185 Roma
Tel.: +39-6-49910561
Fax: +39-6-4959241

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