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Poster 11-1 An Evaluation of the Level of Statistical Literacy among Business Students in Nigerian Polytechnics - a Case Study

Joseph S. Oke


Poster Abstract

Statistics is taught to business students in tertiary institutions as an in-service course as part of the curricula for different programmes. This equips them to have a better understanding of business-related problems so as to be able to take better business decisions. This can be achieved only with a higher level of statistical literacy. The performance of business students in statistics during semester examinations is the closest indicator of the level of statistical literacy attained.
This study is a comparative evaluation of the performance of business students in statistics and other courses requiring the application of statistical concepts with a view to estimating their competencies in understanding, application, synthesis and analysis of such concepts.
Preliminary results of the study indicate above average performance in statistics and two other courses that require the application of statistical concepts. When completed, this study is expected to report possible correlation between the overall performance of business students and their performances in courses with high statistical content.



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