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Poster 11-3 Conducting Web-based Statistics Tutorials

Danelle Kotze (South Africa)
Frans Cilliers (South Africa)  
C. P. Kotze (South Africa)  


Poster Abstract
Our current tutorial system at UWC has now being rewritten for use via the Internet. The package "Authorware" was used to do the transition of our old tutorial system to a Web-based system. Authorware has the functionality to randomly generate values for each question, calculate the answer and then evaluate the question. The marks are then written to a database on the university's courseware fileserver. As students struggle to get access to computers, the Web-based system will allow students to complete their tutorials from any Internet enabled computer on or off campus at any time. The Web-based system was tested by a small group of first year students who completed their tutorials on campus via the Internet. The topics offered in this Internet tutorial software are the same theoretical topics that are being taught in the course mainly: Descriptive Statistics, Probability, Normal Distribution, Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing, Regression Analysis and Time Series Analysis. Students who worked on the system found the tests well organized. They felt that they needed time to adapt to this type of approach in teaching. It was necessary for students to come to the Internet sessions prepared. The added advantage of the system is that students can re-do the tests as many times as they want to. Every time a student signed on the test displayed a newly generated data set that enhanced the learning process for that student. It was possible to improve his/her tutorial mark with each attempt.



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