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Poster 11-4 Internet Student Assessments in Statistics Teaching and Learning

Danelle Kotze (South Africa)
Frans Cilliers (South Africa)  
C. P. Kotze (South Africa)  


Poster Abstract
Statistics courses are evaluated at the end of each module. This has become a cumbersome process with large service course student numbers. To address the sheer volume of the work, Web-based evaluations were developed to assess the outcome of the learning process, have the results recorded immediately on the server via the Internet and enable the lecturer to readily download student data for analysis. The evaluations were developed using an educational program from Macromedia. One problem with most educational software is that the program cannot communicate directly with a database on the Internet and a third party program or plug-in must be used. These plug-ins are very expensive and for this reason the section needing plug-ins, were written in ASP. Pre- and post questionnaires were read by students on the computer screen and responses selected which were recorded on the server. It is possible for the teacher to obtain a listing of all students or search for specific student records. In addition to this the lecturer can sort the information in ascending or descending order by using the student number, test number or score. It is not possible to make any changes to the test database while on the network. This was done for security purposes. A "comments" item allowed the student to type in open-ended responses that was also recorded on the database to analyse for content.


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