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Poster 11-5 Web Capturing of Statistics Student Results

T. J. v.W. Kotze (South Africa)  
Danelle Kotze (South Africa)


Poster Abstract
With the extensive developments on the technology front it has become possible to monitor student results on the Internet in more ways than previously possible. It has been a common practice for students to copy answers from each other in assignments. Computer interactions have made it possible not only to check log-ins but also the actual time spent to complete specific questions. Although some practical questions in Statistics are easier to answer in a computer-based environment compared to more theoretical work, the extent of student monitoring becomes easier and less time-consuming in many cases using Internet applications. An added advantage is the cost saving with respect to paper and effort where many students are registered for a course. In an exercise conducted to run tests on the Internet the number of log-ins for each introductory statistics test, the student result for the test and the time taken to complete each test was captured in the database through the Internet. It was important to determine the pattern of student log-ins onto the system, whether student performance improved and whether there was a relationship between test results, number of attempts and the time taken to complete the different tests.



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