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Poster 11-10. Teaching Outliers in Statistical Data

Fernando Rosado (Portugal)


Poster Abstract
The study of outliers in statistical data is developed on basics matters and detailed methodological aspects. Also, the exploratory data analysis is very important including graphics and box-plots outputs.
In this paper, we focuses on the following particular topics for detecting outliers in statistical data:

I- Graphics aspects, including box-plots outputs and the subjectivity of this analysis.

II- Statistical computing and the level of provision of outlier detection within statistical packages as a central tool in the modern statistical analysis.

III- The implication of automatic and repeated statistical analysis for the study of outliers in a sample.

IV- Data analyses with some illustrations from the wide range of practical fields where we can provide useful reinforcement of outlier methodology.

Keywords: Outlier; Discordancy Tests; Normal Populations.



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