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Poster 11-11. A Proposal for a Teaching Methodology of Statistics

Pinho, Marcos Antonio Santos (Brazil)


Poster Abstract

The present paper is part of an ongoing research about the problems of different methodologies employed to teach statistics in undergraduate courses in general. Taking into account the approaches of statistics contents, which in general consider the basic background of the discipline and as such, they never indicate the need to base on the statistics scientific concepts themselves and likewise statistics discipline itself carries on fulfilling a mediating role between sciences in general and their scientific applications. Reason for this: there is a complete absence of a more
elaborated teaching methodology of statistics. We intend to show that through theoretical presuppositions, the present difficulties relating statistics to the other areas of the knowledge is due to an undefinition of a teaching methodology, not only in undergraduate courses, but also in post-graduate courses and research itself. Besides, this situation experienced by the statistics discipline is very peculiar indeed, mainly when we try to relate it to the other areas of science and this can be seen in the field of mathmatics, which has its own teaching methodologies when such metholodogies are applied in different teaching areas. Bearing this in mind, it is reasonable to assume that the approach of statistics contents in both undergraduate and post-graduate courses could require its own scientific foundation and therefore, a more theoretical definition of its concepts and applications, which, as a consequence, are intrinsic part of the statistics itself.

We think that either each undergradute course or scientific area of study needs contents that may be applied according its specific scientific goals and likewise it is important for the statistics discipline and necessary for the science itself that teaching methodologies could scientifically be studied. Also, in doing so, not only this could characterize the statistics discipline as a mere mathematical application or even as a relative data value, but also it could be characterized for its recognized scientific value in the decision making process.
By approaching these topics, this paper is an attempt to fill in this gap as already recognized many times ago, which relates to the teaching planning of statistics in both undergraduate and post-graduate courses as a whole.

The teaching of statistics has been either frequently and in many aspects guided by common sense or based upon the experience of mature "self-learning"lectures. In short, this gap is basically related to the lack of theoretical support clearly defined, which, in turn, could be able to help the teaching job in his/her specific knowledge area.



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