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Poster 11-13. On Web-Based Teaching in Large First-Year Classes of Introductory Statistics at University Level

Raija Leppala (Finland)


Poster Abstract

This paper presents some experiences and views concerning three web-based elementary university statistics courses for 100-200 students (per course). The Web is used as a support for classroom teaching as well as for private study. Background, necessity, aim, current situation, some research results and ideas for improvement are discussed. The benefits of web-based tools for teacher and students are especially considered.

The environments currently available can be seen on, and The sites include, for example, the teaching material (online handouts and exercises with answers, links to other material), announcements board, syllabus, options for open discussion, easy feedback features and teacher's virtual office hours with on-line tutorial. Availability of easy administration and communication with a large number of students is among the advantages of the environments for the teacher.



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