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Poster 11-23 Resources for Teaching Structural Equation Modeling

Wai-Yin Poon (Hong Kong)


Poster Abstract
Structural equation modeling is a statistical methodology that has been widely used in different disciplines; such as education, psychology, business administration, sociology and medical studies. Many classical statistical models, including the linear regression model and the factor analysis model, are special cases of structural equation modeling. However, students usually experience much difficulty in mastering the methodology because of the complexity of the model that is multivariate in nature. Many students with limited training in mathematics or statistics find it almost impossible to understand the model. As a result, teachers of structural equation modeling may require a large number of examples for elaboration so as to motivate their students and students need hands-on in class practices in order to better understand the technique, leading to a large demand on teaching resources. In this poster presentation, the author shares some of her experiences in using freely available and easily assessable resources in teaching structural equation modeling.


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