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Presentation 2A3. Building Understandings of Randomness: 6-8 Year-old Children's Exploration in Sample Space

Efthymia (Efi) Paparistodemou (UK)
Richard Noss (UK)
Dave Pratt (UK)


Presentation Abstract
This paper focuses on 6-8 year-old children's thinking about chance. It reports the provisional findings of a study in which children constructed for themselves representations of sample space and the outcomes of game-like situations based on the sample space. These constructions took place in the context of a computer-based system that was designed to afford maximal expressive power to children of this age (i.e. without the need of a textual interface). We will present some case studies of children's activities, which illustrate how the novel medium mediates the children's expression and understanding of chance events.


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