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Presentation 2C2. Concept Mapping on Statistical Education at Primary School Level: Italian Research

Silio Rigatti Luchini (Italy)
Maria Pia Perelli D'Argenzio (Italy)
Gianfranco Moncecchi (Italy)


Presentation Abstract

This paper is about research involving 145 teachers and more than 2000 pupils from primary schools (6-10 years old) in five regions of Italy. Every grade was involved with different units. Statistics units given to teachers were based on the Data Oriented Approach (DOA) arranged in different classes according to two distinct didactic strategies: firstly, the usual didactic model oriented to objectives, and secondly, the model oriented to a connected understanding represented as a map of connected concepts. As far as the teachers were concerned, they were all provided with in-service training on statistics, pedagogy and the theory of learning.

Concept mapping gave us very interesting results especially from the point of view of permanent acquiring of contents. The semi-structured class interview was the tool used to point out a connected understanding of Statistics' basic concepts and allowed us to compare ideas pupils had before the statistics activity and ideas developed at the end of the didactic work. An entrance cognitive map and an exit one were the tools used to make this comparison.


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