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Presentation 2C6. Research in Teaching and Learning Statistics: Connections to the Classroom

Gail Burrill (USA)


Presentation Abstract

Research derives from the study of teaching and learning - paying attention to what teachers and students know and do; why they make certain choices, and the consequences of those choices. However, too often, the process stops at the research with little effort to make connections back to the classroom. In statistics at the school level this is compounded by the sparse nature of the research around some important issues. The focus of this session will be on what we can learn from research about learners and how they come to understand certain concepts such as measures of central tendency or regression, considering how what we know might interface with the statistics curriculum and the classroom. We will also look at new questions where research might help us better understand how to enable students (and teachers) to come to know the underlying processes and principles of statistics as well as mastering the computations.


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