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Presentation 2D2. Statistics at School Level in South Africa - the Way Forward

Delia North (South Africa)
Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani (Italy)


Presentation Abstract
Historically, little or no statistics has been taught at schools in South Africa. This is about to change dramatically with the introduction of a new curriculum, based on an OBE (Outcomes Based Education) approach. This curriculum will be taught at all schools in South Africa, from grade one onwards by 2005. A vast amount of statistical material will be included at all levels in the curriculum due to the recognition of the cross-curricular need for statistical literacy and data analysis skills as an anticipated outcome.

The dilemma however, is that Statistics will have to be taught by teachers who have had little or no training in Statistics!

The authors give an overview of the proposed statistics content of new South African syllabus, together with a "plan of action" to assist teachers to be able to cope with the challenges of teaching statistics successfully.


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