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Presentation 3C2. Meeting the Perceived Needs of statistical Education with Available Manpower and Resources

Ann-Lee Wang (Malaysia)


Presentation Abstract

Malaysia is a developing country, where, in recent years, responding to the demand of industry and other sectors of the economy, changes have been made both to the structure and the curriculum of undergraduate degree programmes. The Department of Mathematics, now renamed Institute of Mathematical Sciences, in University of Malaya, the oldest university in Malaysia, started to offer a separate B.Sc.(Stat) programme in the academic year 1996/97. Prior to this, only one degree, B.Sc.(Math), was awarded although students awarded this degree might have taken a large number of probability and statistics courses. Already the B.Sc.(Stat) degree programme has undergone several changes and more are being contemplated. This paper will describe the current state of the degree programme, discuss the changes already made and those being proposed, and compare the programme with the ASA Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Programs in Statistical Sciences.


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