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Presentation 3C3. The American Statistical Association's Undergraduate Statistics Education Initiative

George W. Cobb (USA)


Presentation Abstract
In May, 1999 the American Statistical Association, with partial support from the National Science Foundation, launched an Undergraduate Statistics Education Initiative. This led to a two-day, 40-person workshop a year later, followed by a conference "Improving the Workforce of the Future: Opportunities in Undergraduate Statistics Education" held in conjunction with the 2000 Joint Statistical Meetings. The keynote address by David Moore, and two position papers by author teams from the workshop have appeared in the February, 2001 issue of The American Statistician; a third position paper has been submitted to the Journal of Statistics Education. In my talk I will review some of the main points of the position papers, and, by way of synthesis, offer some thoughts about how these relate to trends in education described by Moore in his keynote address, and some thoughts about where the training of future statisticians in the US may be headed.


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