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Presentation 3H1. Statistical Consulting at Colombian Universities: A Challenge still to be Faced

David Ospina (Colombia)
Luis A. Lopez (Colombia)


Presentation Abstract
Statistical consulting at Colombian universities is just a starting process. This is due to the fact that there have been very few undergraduate programs in Statistics only the one at the Universidad Nacional has been functioning without interruption. At this university, the undergraduate curriculum includes "Consulting" as a required subject for the ninth semester (the program is a ten semester program). This is the best, and probably the only, opportunity statistical students have to be familiar with consulting and to get the sufficient experience to handle actual statistical problems in the future. In this paper we will show how the statistical consulting has been carried out at the Colombian universities and specially at the Universidad Nacional, since it begun. Two different groups will be considered and surveyed, through special questionnaires, to analyse the consulting process throughout time: consultants and users. Among the consultants are former and present statistical students who have had the consulting experience, and professors who have directed the process will be surveyed. For the users, we will sample professionals from different areas who have used this facility provided by the Statistics Department. The analysis of the main statistical areas demanded and the type of help requested will be carried out. An additional view of the consulting process in other universities around the world will enable us to figure out the main weaknesses and strengths of this process in our country. Finally, the recommendation to improve the activity and the way it should be implemented will be suggested.


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