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Presentation 3I2. A Data-Oriented, Active Learning, Post-Calculus Introduction to Statistical Concepts, Methods, and Theory

Allan Rossman (USA)
Beth Chance (USA)


Presentation Abstract

We describe our project to develop of curricular materials for a course that introduces students at the post-calculus level to statistical concepts, methods, and theory. This course provides a more balanced introduction to the discipline of statistics than the standard sequence in probability and mathematical statistics. The materials incorporate many features of successful statistics education projects that target less mathematically prepared students.

The student audiences targeted by this project are particularly important because they have been overlooked by previous curricular reform projects focused on the introductory course for students with majors outside of mathematics. Specifically, the proposed audience includes prospective teachers of statistics, introducing them to content and pedagogy that prepare them for implementing NCTM Standards with regard to statistics and probability and for teaching the Advanced Placement course in Statistics. This course also directly addresses the recommendation of the Mathematical Association of America that a data-oriented course be taken by every mathematics major. Another audience is potential statistics majors and minors who may be attracted to the discipline through these courses.

For students who are prospective teachers, we are also preparing a companion volume for the materials that will summarize the educational research that provides the foundation for the pedagogical approach used in the course.

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