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Presentation 3I3. Using ICT and Web-Based Materials for Learning & Teaching and Data Handling Across the Curriculum in Schools

Ian Roberts (Australia)
Neville Davies (UK)


Presentation Abstract

A common concern in the development of qualified teachers is to provide them with appropriate technical support and training in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). The need for such training is a current concern in, amongst other places, the Northern Territory of Australia and this has provided a motivation for the development of an appropriate training course emphasizing ICT tools such as the web, email and MS™ Excel.

A proposal to offer training to teachers in primary and secondary schools has been developed by the authors, that is centred on data provided by the UK-based CensusAtSchool project (1) (, and which has several objectives, including data collection (from students), analysis and interpretation in curriculum-specific contexts and curriculum worksheet development (from and for teachers). The course focuses on curriculum activities in finding, assessing, developing, sharing and using resources, especially those that involve numeric data. Another aim is to ensure that the teachers are relaxed and competent in the use of the underlying software.

The course, which is being trialled in the Northern Territory (Australia), the UK, and elsewhere, can be viewed as giving a strong framework for providing a benchmark template, whilst it is also flexible in content, as it is written so that it can be varied to suit local conditions and needs. These may include the extent of available technologies, the numeracy level of the teachers, their technology background, and the curriculum areas in which they specialise.

Details of the course, a report on the trials, and recommendations will be presented.

(1) This site is designed and run by the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) Centre for Statistical Education.


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