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Presentation 3J3. Usage of Medical Journal Articles in Biostatistical Training for Residents

Reena Deutsch (USA)


Presentation Abstract
Each year, a new crop of physicians enters Residency training programs in medical teaching institutions worldwide. Second and subsequent year Residents continue with the programs in which they have participated in a prior year. The educational curriculum may include a biostatistical component, where the instructor is presented with an opportunity to focus on biostatistical issues bearing on various aspects of medical practice and research. This paper describes the well-received presentation of annual lectures of this type in a university medical school Residency training program. These training sessions rely on research findings published recently in the medical literature. Issues regarding journal and article selection, statistical topics, teaching aids, approaches to study design/power/analysis/interpretation, the role of a biostatistical consultant, and feedback from Resident trainees are described.


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