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Presentation 3K3. Survey Training For Official Statisticians In Brazil

Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva (Brazil)


Presentation Abstract
CDHP (Curso de Desenvolvimento de Habilidades em Pesquisa) is a training program that aims to enable staff at the Brazilian Central Statistical Office (IBGE) to plan and carry out (household) sample surveys. This course was developed taking as the model the Survey Skills Development Course of Statistics Canada. It presents key concepts, methods and steps required to successfully develop and implement a household sample survey. This is accomplished by means of lectures, guided teamwork and do-it-yourself activities, that include developing and carrying out a real-life survey experience. Each course "crew" comprises 25 trainees, plus 10 to 15 tutors (some part-time), alongside a course coordinator and administrative assistant. Each course has a genuine survey client, carries out a survey to satisfy this client's demands, and delivers the outcome in the form of traditional survey products: a survey report, survey documentation and data files, plus a seminar-like presentation of main results, which is attended by IBGE´s directing board, staff and the client. Each course runs for six weeks full time. Data collection activities are performed solely by the crew of trainees each time. Eight courses were developed successfully twice a year since 1998, with surveys covering topics such as:

- Urban intervention evaluation at the Iraja neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro;
- Health and environment risks within households in Jacarepagua neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro;
- Cultural and leisure habits, and knowledge of facilities available, for residents around the Museu da Republica, in Rio de Janeiro;
- Intra-household conflict resolution and intra-family violence in Tijuca and Maracana neighborhoods, Rio de Janeiro;
- Household profiles and local services evaluation for urban population of Macae city, Rio de Janeiro state;
- Assessment of the Guanabara Bay De-pollution Program by residents of Ilha do Governador neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro;
- Time use survey for residents in Grajau and Vila Isabel neighborhoods, in Rio de Janeiro;
- Social usage, violence perception and victimization in the Copacabana area, in Rio de Janeiro.

The course has proved very valuable as a staff development, integration and motivation strategy, plus provided a number of relevant survey outcomes. Flexibility, focus on outcome and client satisfaction, teamwork and transmission of corporate values, goals and feeling of membership are some of the high points, which make this a very successful course amongst both staff and managers. Future plans consider opening up vacancies for people who are not IBGE employees, as well as extending capabilities for running three courses a year.


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