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Presentation 3L3. Making Multivariate Interesting and Fun For Students

Joe F. Hair, Jr. (USA)


Presentation Abstract
Is what I have described in my title actually possible? It is not easy, but you bet it is. The first step is to reassure students that it is possible. This begins with a pep talk and comments on your approach. It also involves discussing the fact that learning new vocabulary is the first step. Next you get over the hurdle of math and equations by briefly explaining the fundamentals and then going directly to SPSS. Finally, each topic is approached using a lot of examples of real world applications of the techniques combined with an applied exercise. The real world exercises can come from your own consulting experiences or from the many examples that can be found on the Websites of market research companies and software companies (SPSS and SAS) in the form of case examples. I use the HATCO database from my text Multivariate Data Analysis and this works well. It is not easy. But with a little patience you would be surprised how the students' attitudes change.


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