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Presentation 3N2. Teaching Statisticians and Applied Researchers Statistical Methods for Analysis of Data from Rating Scales. Experiences from Joint Research Courses in Rating Scale Data Analysis.

Elisabeth Svensson (Sweden)


Presentation Abstract
Rating scales are commonly used as measurement instruments in various kinds of questionnaires and quality of life assessments but also in clinical trials for evaluation of outcome or functioning. The widespread use of scales in applied research fields implies need of statistical methods applicable to various types of studies involving ordinal response data. There is also an ongoing development of statistical methods for analysis of ordinal data. Hence, the users of rating scales and the statisticians need each other. The information delay concerning methodological development of statistical methods and lack of inter-disciplinary communication can be bridged by means of joint courses for statisticians and users of rating scales. The aim of the paper is to present a research course in rating scale data analysis for applied scientists and statisticians.

The overall aim of the course is that the participants shall gain a mutual understanding of the quantitative nature of the research question, the measurement process behind the rating scale data, and of the fact that the measurement properties of ordinal data influence the choice of statistical methods of analysis. The participants shall also gain knowledge about various statistical approaches for analysis of ordinal data obtained from quality assessments, follow-up studies and parallel group designs. The course is interactive in the sense that the users of rating scales must apply the statistical methods, when appropriate, to their own studies with assistance from the participating statisticians. There are also subject specific parts in the course, a mathematical statistical part for the statisticians, and a part of problem solving and application of statistical methods to various types of rating scale assessments for the applied scientists. The educational challenge and other experiences from joint research courses in rating scale data analysis will be given.


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