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Presentation 4A2. Training of African Statisticians:
The Experience of the National School for Statistics and Applied Economics (ENSEA) in Abidjan (Côte-d'Ivoire)

Koffi N'guessan (Ivory Coast)


Presentation Abstract

ENSEA is one of the three centres in Francophone sub-Saharan Africa which offers statistical training at a regional level. This function is fulfilled through four (4) types of specific formations leading to

Ingénieur Statisticiens Economistes (ISE),
Ingénieur des Travaux Statistiques (ITS),
Adjoints Techniques de la Statistique (AD),
Agents Techniques de la Statistique (AT).

The curricula of each type of training of this level evolved progressively according to the economic and social change in African region context. Our aim now is to pay attention to the quality of our training, based on robust methods including modern tools of informations's gathering, data storage and the diffusion of statistical informations. Our goal is also to catch the most promising career opportunities for statisticians.


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