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Presentation 4A4. A Programme of Technical Cooperation for Training Official Statisticians of Latin American Countries

Carmen Arribas Rodriguez (Spain)


Presentation Abstract

At the National Statistical Institute (NSI) a Programme of Technical Cooperation with Spanish-speaking countries of America was started up some twenty years ago (1978) to exchange experiences and offer further training to professionals working at National Statistical Offices, Central Banks, Ministries of Planning and the Customs, and the main institutions producing the official statistics of the countries in the Region. The training activities consist of courses, seminars and workshops, which are held both in Spain and in the countries. These are also supplemented with "etages" in Spain and the sending of "experts" to the countries so requiring to advise on new projects. The training activities are predominantly practical, although they also have a theoretical module of statistical methodology and a conceptual framework of the different projects. The purpose of this Programme is to train personnel in the production of official statistics, pass on the new technologies from Spain and the European Union, and supply them with the material and documentation used to carry out the different projects.


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