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Presentation 4B1. Statistics in the Working Place in the Developing Countries of the ESCAP Region; Challenges for the Management of the National Statistical Organizations.

Maarten Boon (Japan)


Presentation Abstract
Until recently the majority of National Statistical Offices of the developing countries in the Asia and Pacific region produced their statistics mainly -if not solely- for the usage by national governmental organizations. This explains why in many cases the NSO was part of the Ministry of Planning or even the Office of the Prime Minister.
With the growing globalization of the world economy and the trends towards more openness on the governmental activities, we could notice a fundamental change in the statistical dissemination policies. International organizations and Institutes, like ESCAP, UNDP, UNFDP, World Bank and the Asian Development are providing financial and intellectual support for the enhancement of the statistical knowledge within the NSO's and the production of the statistics as such. Of course, these donors hope to get a certain return on their investments in the form of (more reliable and more timely) statistics from the countries. The practice has proved that this could be realized successfully in many cases.
Having official statistics available, however, does not necessarily imply that they are used on a larger scale outside the governmental or international bureaus. But now, we are coming in the phase of a growing awareness on the importance of the usage of official statistics in the private sector. And here, the technological developments offer the possibility of a real breakthrough and especially if we consider the low cost solutions of electronic publishing via Internet and on mass storage media, like CD-Rom.
The paper reports on the experiences in the developing countries in the ESCAP-region and is based on country information collected during workshops and courses, which was further enhanced by a supplementary survey. It provides an overview on the various national 'strategies, policies and approaches' related to dissemination and usage of official statistics in the working place. Finally the paper will formulate a set of recommendations for meeting the various management challenges.


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