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Presentation 4B3. Role of American Statistical Association in Statistics Education

Madhuri S. Mulekar (USA)
Madge Haven (USA)
Presenting co-author
Carol Joyce Blumberg (USA)


Presentation Abstract
As a leader, the American Statistical Association is heavily involved in statistics education, both in terms of content and pedagogy, and also for professionals who need continuing education and further professional development. The Center for Statistics Education exists to assist in curriculum development for kindergarten through graduate levels, and to develop and manage programs which promote the teaching of statistics, assist in teacher preparation and provide resources for teachers of statistics. The Center also provides educational opportunities in various applied sub-fields of statistics for professionals, and supplies career information to prospective students of statistics as a way to build the profession and meet the critical need of society. In collaborations with publishers, it has also developed a series of publications to aid quantitative literacy at different levels.


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