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Presentation 4C2. The Academy as an Instrument for Organisational Change

Ellen Bastiaens-Krabbe (The Netherlands)


Presentation Abstract

With the formal reorganisation of Statistics Netherlands (SN) in September 2000, a rearrangement of the statistical processes has started. The reorganisation has to be completed in the year 2003. An example of a rearrangement is the integration of all collected microdata in one database, called microbase. In the paper examples of more changes in statistical processes will be discussed. To support these changes in statistical processes, a change in the training and the development programme was needed. Training was decentralised and unstructured without a central policy. This was an inefficient and ineffective way to organise training. Besides that it was hard to attain goals concerning the development of employees and the organisation. Therefore a central policy concerning Human Resources Development had to be developed. This policy focuses on training as one of the instruments to improve the performance of individuals, departments and the organisation. To implement this central policy a so-called institutional academy was founded.
The CBS-academy started in December 2000 and is the official department of education for all employees of SN. The academy is founded to realise a training programme for the training of all employees of SN, with a focus on two basic principles:

- Organisational needs and goals form the foundation for the development of courses;
- The courses integrate aspects of statistical processes, Information Technology (IT) and managerial skills.

The regrouping of statistical processes form the point of departure for the development of the training programme for statisticians and IT-ers. The first (basic) course discusses all phases of the statistical process and is split up in one module per phase, starting with data-collection processes, ending with the presentation of data (in by example STATLINE). This course serves two goals: 1) It is developed as an overview for all new employees of SN to present them basic insights in the processes of SN. In a later stage the course will be adapted for statisticians already working for a longer time within SN. In the different modules statistical processes are embedded with IT-aspects. 2) It serves as a steppingstone for the development of a comprehensive set of specialistic courses, each focusing on a specific aspect of the statistical process. Examples are courses for data-collection methods, questionnaire-development, theory and techniques on sampling-processes and processes of completing datasets. In the paper an overview of the specialistic courses is presented. In all theses courses specific IT-tools will be integrated in order to match statistical processes with these IT-tools. Furthermore, the newest educational insights, such as e learning and training-on-the-job, will be used.


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