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Presentation 4C3. Experiences and Challenges in the Training of Official Statisticians

Pilar Martin Guzman (Spain)


Presentation Abstract

The growing demand and use of official statistics is changing the culture and patterns of statistical production. For one thing, there is now a wider number and variety of users, with new needs to be satisfied. On the other hand, a trend towards decentralization of statistical systems is now developing in many countries, with the result that the responsibility for producing statistics extends far beyond the realms of the National Statistical Offices.

This sets a number of new challenges in the training of official statisticians. The paper will comment on some of them, and describe experiences and results in training official statisticians at three different levels: a) senior and junior statisticians from the National Statistical Offices, b) training of public administrators in charge of the production of some statistics and c) training of statisticians from developing countries.


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