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Presentation 4C4. Teaching the System of National Accounts - The Ukrainian Experience

Ruslan Motoryn (Ukraine)


Presentation Abstract

The important task for Ukraine is the training of specialists of the the system of national accounts for the market economy. Therefore content of teaching of the system of national accounts has transition to the International Standards.

In 1993 the new government of the Ukraine confirmed conception of the transition of the National Ukrainian Statistics to the International Standards. Now the Ukraine has transition from planned to market economy in the areas of productive forces, structure of economy, the integration of economy to international economy and the social role of the state institutions. Three stage planned realization of the conception:

1) Preparatory. It is determined of organizational, methodical, fundamental, essential principals of the transition of the Ukrainian statistics to international standards.

2) Transitional. Then these principles are introduced (take root) to practice of statistics.

3) Final. It is attainment integration of all the sphere of the statistical activity.

Now Ukrainian statistics have come to the second level.

Knowledge about the system of national accounts need for specialists of economics, management, statistics, international economy and other. I elaborated course of the system of national accounts for the training of official statisticians and teaching of students of Universities of Economics of Ukraine.


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