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Presentation 4D1. Statistical Education and the Workplace: Present State of Affairs and Future Challenges

Lea Bregar (Slovenia)
Irena Ograjensek (Slovenia)
Mojca Bavdaz Kveder (Slovenia)


Presentation Abstract
Recent fascinating developments of information and telecommunications technology have made vast amounts of data available to many millions throughout the world. This and the widespread increased use of conceptually and methodologically complex analytical procedures require appropriate training of users. Thus, the paper focuses on the question how the modern information and telecommunication technology (ITT) could increase the quality and efficiency of statistical training in the workplace.

In this framework, general pedagogical issues and challenges of distance learning in a modern e-environment are addressed. Special emphasis is given to the identification and detailed analysis of potentials and pitfalls of modern technology's use in teaching of statistics. Assessment of the present state of affairs based on a survey of existing on-line statistical courses is followed by the identification and description of the future challenges in the field.


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