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Presentation 4D3. Experiencing Statistics at a Distance

W. Robert Stephenson (USA)


Presentation Abstract
In 1994-95 the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University first offered a new two-semester sequence of distance education courses, Applied Statistics for Industry I & II. The courses were designed to meet the needs of engineers and managers in industrial settings. The courses are filmed during the on-campus delivery of the class and videotapes are sent to off-campus students for viewing the following week. Over the past 10 years, a major emphasis in statistics education has been the active participation of students in the practice of statistics. The videotape delay format for our industrial distance education students presents special difficulties for actively involving them in the practice of statistics. This talk will look at strategies for incorporating activities and other practical experiences into a distance education course. We will also explore the use of technology to enhance the active statistics experience for students at a distance.


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