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Presentation 4D4. Just-In-Time Network-Based Statistical Learning: Tools Development and Implementation

Lea Vermeire (Belgium)
An Carbonez (Belgium)
Paul Darius (Belgium)
Jill Fresen (South Africa))


Presentation Abstract
Existence of a growing demand for permanent education in general, and for just-in-time on-the-job training with direct applicability to ongoing work in particular, cannot be denied. In this framework, statistical training is highly demanded. One reason is the increasing availability of data with potential for filtering out information relevant to decision-makers. Another reason is the accessibility of user friendly statistical software, which has broadened the potential community of the users of statistical analysis. Statistical training is offered by professionals from both the academic and the private sector.

The paper reports on our work in the short-course and in-company statistical training. It covers education in a classroom setting as well as in a distance education mode, training for participants from production units and government departments as well as for groups of individuals with varying backgrounds.

Distance education has become a more and more network-based form of education, both from the teacher's and the learner's perspective, all the way from the course development to learners' follow-up on tutoring, illustrations, progress assessment, knowledge certification etc. The paper argues that just-in-time network-based statistical training should be more than a presentation of possible recipes for data analysis. In fact, current technology offers features that can be specifically used for a better understanding of statistical methods and concepts. We will present such a tool and our educational experience that goes with it. The tool consists of a collection of interactive applets for visualization of statistical concepts, and a pedagogical frame around these applets. The pedagogical frame is aimed as a guide to stimulate discovery of concepts and as a self-test program.


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