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Presentation 4E1. The Italian Census at School

Enzo Lombardo (Italy)
Cristiana Conti (Italy)


Presentation Abstract
The first aim of the project was improving the knowledge of the censuses and their function and importance for the Country. The second aim was to disseminate numeracy among the students of primary and secondary schools. Istat organized a simulated census asking to the students to answer a questionnaire that put asides special questions for children (how many times can you bound back a balloon in fifteen seconds?) and other real questions of official statistics, easy enough for children (way of reaching the school in the morning; what eaten at breakfast, activities in free time). The students followed every step of the collecting process, even making exercises using their own figures. Finally, they sent the figures to Istat using an electronic form to fill on line by Internet. Istat is now collating the figures to give back statistics to the schools who participated in the project.


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