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Presentation 4E5. Teaching Official Statistics in an Irish University Statistics Department

Patrick Murphy (Ireland)


Presentation Abstract
This paper will outline the development of a course in Official Statistics presented in the Department of Statistics, University College Dublin, Ireland, to final year undergraduate and masters level students. It was first delivered in the academic year 1999-2000 to a class of 10 students. My own background as a Statistician in the Central Statistics Office, Dublin helped in the development of the course but it has also, no doubt, influenced the content of the course. The course covers 3 main topics:

- The history and legal framework of Official Statistics in Ireland (including descriptions of Eurostat, the IMF and other international organisations involved in Official Statistics);

- Descriptions of the different areas of Official Statistics compiled by the CSO and other NSI's e.g. Consumer Price Indices, Labour Statistics, National Accounts and Business Statistics;

- Some Methodological Aspects of Official Statistics including Index Number theory, theory and practice of Databases etc.


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