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Presentation 4G2. Statistical Education and Training for the Workers of the Public Administrations:
Objectives, Issues and Strategies

Luigi Biggeri (Italy)
Alberto Zuliani (Italy)


Presentation Abstract
This paper focuses on education and training for the workplace in the public administration units, both in statistical and non statistical offices.
The aim of the paper is to show:

(i) the need for quantitative skill and, in particular for statistical education, and what is the training demand by professional families;
(ii) how to define the objectives of the education, in order to cope with the problems and challenges;
(iii) the issues and evaluation of some specific experiences implemented in Italy, both for public administration directors and staff members of the Italian National Statistical System (Sistan).

Firstly, a discussion on the training needs by professional families will be presented. Secondly, the objectives of statistical education will be defined, having in mind that the ultimate targets are: to pursue professional growth (not only in statistical skill) and to pass from a generic anonymous employee to skilled professional and from conflicting attitude to co-operation. At these ends, it is necessary to implement a training model to pass from focus on training to focus on professional identity, human resources development and learning.

Thirdly, the use of a matrix of learning and training goals to find out training priorities will be presented together the preparation of a strategic plan of training actions.

Finally, some peculiar experiences on interdisciplinary training actions (with particular reference to applied statistics and to subject matter content), managerial training, continuos learning activities and text editing and composition laboratory used, will be presented. The main issues met and the proposed solutions will be recalled, pointing out the need of understanding training evolution by monitoring the needs.


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