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Presentation 4I2. Role of Statistics in the Education of Agricultural Science Students

Katarina Cobanovic (FR Yugoslavia)


Presentation Abstract

The paper is dealing mainly with the experiences in teaching statistics at the Agricultural Faculty of Novi Sad . Statistics was incorporated in teaching programmes for graduate students from the first beginnings, when Agricultural Faculty had started to work in 1954. Statistical programmes are oriented to different agricultural courses at the Faculty. Statistical education for agriculturists is turned to make a solid statistical basic knowledge with the aim to allow a wide use of statistical methods in many fields of agricultural science like: field crops production,vegetable production,horticulture, fruit growing,grape production, plant protection, livestock, veterinary medicine,agricultural mechanization, water resources etc. In the paper will be treated some problems in statistical education and presented some dilemmas and some ideas how to improve the teaching of agricultural statistics. It is expected that achieved statistical knowledge of graduated agricultural students will be a solid base for master degree studies were these students attend the course of Biometrics. It is necessary to emphasize the important role of teaching statistics for agricultural students to improve their common knowledge and for better use of statistical methods in research work. The author would try, also, according to his own experience, to make some parallel comparisons, concerning statistical education, with similar disciplines like biology, medicine etc.


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