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Presentation 4I3. The Status of Statistics in Agricultural Studies: An Epistemological Approach

Maria Virginia Lopez (Argentina)
Maria del Carmen Fabrizio (Argentina)
Maria Cristina Plencovich (Argentina)  
Hernan Giorgini (Argentina)  


Presentation Abstract

The epistemological status of Statistics has not been sufficiently explored in agricultural schools in Argentina. Although Statistics is considered as an important subject in agronomists' training, there is very little information about the way it is taught in different university curricula. The objective of this paper was (a) to get information about the insertion of Statistics in the university programs, through different indicators, and (b) to explore the epistemological ideas underlying in the teaching of Statistics in agricultural schools. For this purpose, a survey was conducted all over Argentina. Twenty three teaching teams from different university chairs answered a series of items. The responses were analysed and categories were built in order to draw some conclusions.


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