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Presentation 4J3. An Internship Program at a Liberal Arts College

Katherine Taylor Halvorsen (USA)


Presentation Abstract

In 1998, Smith College, a private liberal arts college for 2800 women in Northampton, Massachusetts, committed College resources to guarantee an internship experience for every undergraduate. Each student has guaranteed access to a qualified summer internship. Internships must be related to the student's overall educational goals and must be approved by the College and by a faculty member in the student's field. Unpaid qualified internships receive a stipend of $2000 from the college.

This new College policy offers mathematics majors concentrating in statistics, or students pursuing a minor in statistics a wide variety of opportunities. In this talk I will discuss the statistics curriculum available at a liberal arts college and how it prepares students to take advantage of the new internship program. I also discuss how students find internships and our limited experience with the program to date.


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