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Presentation 5C2. A Review of the Lessons Learned at the Conferences on Making Statistics More Effective in Schools and Business

Jonathan D. Cryer (USA)


Presentation Abstract

This paper will review the principal lessons for statistics education for business that can be drawn from the 17 annual US Conferences held so far called Making Statistics More Effective in Schools and Business. The series of Conferences was begun in 1986 under the leadership of Professors Harry Roberts and George Tiao, both of the Graduate School of Business, The University of Chicago.

"The mission of the annual Making Statistics More Effective In Schools and Business (MSMESB) conference is to improve the teaching and practice of Statistics in Schools of Business. We aim to encourage interaction between business faculty and others involved in teaching business statistics to business students, as well as interaction with professionals from industry and government, with publishers, and with software producers." More information about past and future conferences may be found at the MSMESB Web site at


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