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Presentation 5C3. CPD for the Business and Government Sectors: Implications of the RSS CPD Implementation Study

Gerald W Goodall (UK)
Derek J Pike (UK)


Presentation Abstract
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is vital for any practising employee of any organisation. For many professions, especially one as diverse as the statistical one, it is important that the selection and evaluation of relevant, quality statistical and non-statistical CPD is fully inclusive - both for the professionals themselves and also for their areas of application. This paper outlines the broad approach taken by the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) in its progress to implementing a CPD policy across its professionally qualified membership. Specifically, however, the paper will focus on two (non-academic) sectors - business and government - which in themselves are quite diverse. It will discuss how relevant CPD might be defined in those sectors; will address how a manager in these sectors might set CPD objectives for staff; and will suggest how an employee might locate suitable CPD training material.


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