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Presentation 5D2. The IASE - Background, Activities and Future

Brian Phillips (Australia)


Presentation Abstract

Since its formation in 1993, the International Association for Statistical Education, IASE, has grown into a very active international organisation, which aims to advance statistical education at all levels, from primary school through training of professionals as well as to the general, public. It's formation was the end of a long process which began in 1949 with the founding of the Committee on Statistical Education within the International Statistical Institute, ISI, through which the Institute promoted the university training of Statisticians at an international level while in developing countries the ISI concerned itself with the education of official statisticians. From the mid 1970's the ISI began to pay more attention to the teaching of statistics in schools since statistics and probability had started to find a place within the pre-university schools and statisticians became conscious of the need to address the teaching/learning problems by those involved with teaching statistics at all levels. Through the 1980's till the early 1990's a number of activities were instigated by the ISI Committee, which culminated in the forming of the IASE as a section of the ISI in 1993. Since then the IASE has been responsible for the organisation of all statistical education activities run by the ISI. These include the ICOTS meetings, the ISI Round Table Conferences and statistical education satellite meetings and sessions at ISI and ICME conferences. In this way the IASE provides opportunities for people interested in statistical education to meet at international meetings annually. Other activities of the IASE include the Statistical Education Research Group (SERG) and Research Newsletter (SERN), regular newsletters and a comprehensive Website ( which help keep those interested informed of what is going on in statistical education worldwide.

This talk will include an overview of the development of the IASE, the main activities in which it has been involved as well as it's plans for the future, showing how members work together as part of an international community of statistical educators.


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